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Rosetta Hardscapes projects have been featured in several publications, including:
  • Landscape Architect and Specifier News
  • Modern Contractor Solutions
  • Landscape Contractor Magazine
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Rosetta Walls for Accessible Playground

Featured in Landscape Architect and Specifier...
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Retaining Wall Installation - Best Practices

Featured in Landscape Contractor,  September  2013  Issue ...
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Rosetta Walls for Family Residence

Featured in Landscape Contractor,  October  2012  Issue  ...
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Airport Chooses Rosetta Walls for Landscaping

Featured  in  Landscape Architect & Specifier News Magazine - November 2012 Issue ...
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Alternative to Stone: Rosetta Walls Transform Venue

Featured  in  Landscape Architect & Specifier News Magazine - July 2012 Issue ...
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Landscape Architects Create Natural Landscape for Playground Using Rosetta

Featured in Landscape Architect & Specifier News,  Oct 2011 Issue  ...
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Rosetta Steps, Slabs Contribute to Green Goals of Project

Featured in Landscape Architect and Specifier News, August 2011 Issue ...
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Pittsburgh Rosetta Manufacturer Delivers Hardscape Solutions

Featured in Pittsburgh Designing Home Magazine,  Summer 2011 Issue  ...
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Precast Walls Provide Aestethic Soltion for High-end Hotel

Featured  in  Modern  Contractor  Solutions  Magazine - June  2010 Issue....
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City Completes 'Crown Jewel' Bike Path Using Big Block Retaining Walls

Featured  in  Landscape  Contractor  Magazine,  September  2009  Issue....
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SRWs and Waterfall Solution Enhance Bayfront Park

Featured in Landscape Architect and Specifier News,  January  2009  Issue  Wh...
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